Motor chip


Chip Introduction

The SS6811H offers a dual-channel integrated motor drive solution for stage lighting and other motor integration applications. The SS6811H has two H-bridge drivers, each delivering a maximum output current of 1.6A (at 24V and Ta = 25°C with proper heat dissipation), and can drive two brush DC motors, or a bipolar stepper motor, or solenoids, or other inductive loads. The power output module for each H-bridge of the SS6811H consists of N-type power MOSFETs.

The SS6811H provides a low power sleep mode to shut down internal circuitry to achieve very low quiescent current. This sleep mode is implemented by setting the SLEEP pin. Internal shutdown includes overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, undervoltage lockout protection, and overtemperature protection.

The SS6811H is available in a 16Pins, 5.0mm * 6.4mm, eTSSOP package with exposed pads for improved heat dissipation, lead-free and 100% tin-free leadframe plating.

Chip characteristics

  • Dual channel H-bridge motor driver – single or two brushed DC motors – one stepper motor

  • PWM control interface

  •  Low on-impedance metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) – 24V, 1.6A maximum drive current at Ta = 25°C – 24V, RDS(on) of 720mΩ at Ta= 25°C (typical HS + LS)

  • 8.2~38V working voltage range

  • Low current in sleep mode

  •  Built-in 3.3V reference

  • Surface mount package with heatsink 

  • Protection features – Overcurrent Protection (OCP) – Thermal Shutdown (TSD) – Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)