Chip Introduction

SS6810H is a bipolar low-power motor driver integrated chip driven by PWM current. The SS6810H has two H-bridge drives, with a maximum output of 32V/1.0A. The input interface adopts the Pala-IN driving method, and the current attenuation mode can be selected as fast attenuation, slow attenuation, or mixed attenuation. The ratio of fast attenuation to slow attenuation can be set arbitrarily, thus controlling the motor drive more smoothly and efficiently. In addition, using a single power supply can effectively simplify the difficulty of system level settings.

The SS6810H adopts ETSSOP20 173mil packaging, which can effectively improve heat dissipation performance and comply with Rohs specifications. The pin frame is 100% lead-free.

Application: POS printer, security camera, office automation equipment, game machine, robot, Stage lighting

Chip characteristics

1.0 A current drive capability

Working voltage range: 10V-32V

Low RDS (ON) resistance

PARA-IN drive mode

PWM current rectification/current limiting

2 bits current control, providing 4 current steps

Current attenuation mode with adjustable fast/slow attenuation ratio

Logic input pin built-in pull-down resistor

Over temperature protection function

Overcurrent blocking and short circuit protection self recovery function

Low voltage protection function