Motor chip


Chip Introduction

The SS6810H is a dual very low power motor drive integrated chip driven by PWM current.

The SS6810H has two H-bridge drives with a maximum output of 32V at 1.0A. The input interface adopts the drive mode of Pala-IN, and the current attenuation mode can be selected as fast attenuation, slow attenuation and mixed attenuation, and the ratio of fast attenuation and slow attenuation can be set arbitrarily to control the motor drive more smoothly and efficiently. In addition, operating from a single power supply simplifies system-level setup.

The SS6810H is available in an ETSSOP20 173mil package for improved thermal performance, Rohs compliance, and 100% leadframe free leadframe.

Chip characteristics

  • 1.0 A current drive capability

  • Working voltage range: 10V-32V

  • Low RDS(ON) resistance

  •  PARA-IN drive mode

  • PWM current rectification/current limiting

  • 2 bits current control with 4 current steps 

  • The current attenuation mode of fast and slow attenuation ratio can be set arbitrarily

  • Logic input pin built-in pull-down resistor

  • Overtemperature protection function 

  • Overcurrent embedded current and short-circuit protection self-recovery function

  • Low voltage protection function