Motor chip


Chip Introduction

The SS8870T is a brush DC motor driver for printers, smart homes, industrial equipment, and other mechatronic motors, with two input logic control H-bridge drivers consisting of four N-channel metal oxide semiconductor FETs with a 3.6A current peak bidirectional control motor, using current attenuation mode to control motor speed by pulse width modulation of the inputs. If the logic input is set low, the motor drive enters a low-power sleep mode.

The SS8870T features integrated current regulation, based on the analog input VREF and the voltage at the ISEN pin (proportional to the motor current flowing through the external sense resistor), which limits the current to a known level, significantly reducing system power requirements and eliminating the need for bulk capacitors to maintain a stable voltage, especially when the motor is started and stopped. The device provides comprehensive protection against faults and short-circuit problems, including undervoltage lockout (UVLO), overcurrent protection (OCP), and overtemperature protection (OTP).

Chip characteristics

  • Independent H-bridge drive: - drives a DC motor, a winding of a stepper motor or other loads

  • Wide operating voltage range of 6.5V to 40V

  •  520mΩ (typical) RDS(ON)(HS+LS)

  • 3.6A peak current drive capability

  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control interface

  • Integrated current regulation 

  • Low-power sleep mode

  • Integrated protection features - VM undervoltage lockout - Overcurrent protection (OCP) - Overcurrent restart function - Thermal shutdown (TSD) - Fault recovery

Market applications