Motor chip


Chip Introduction

The SS6849H is a 2-channel H-bridge driver chip. The best motor drive for 12V system products. The chip can provide a maximum peak current of 1A and root mean square current of 0.7A per H-bridge (under proper cooling conditions of 12V and Ta = 25°C), and can drive two DC motors, a parallel DC motor, or a stepper motor drive that supports full or half step.

SS6849H internal protection turn-off function includes over-current protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage lock protection and over-temperature protection.

The SS6849H is packaged with SSOP10, small size, and lead-free product, and the pin frame is 100% Wuxi plating.

Chip characteristics

VCC max = 20V, IO max = 1A

4V to 16V operating supply voltage range

No control system 3.3V power supply is required

N+P MOS output,RON < 1Ω typHS+LS

Compact package (SSOP10)

Zero current consumption on standby

Can be used in parallel (parallel drive channels)

Built-in braking function

Market applications