Chip Introduction

SS6208 integrates half bridge MOSFET drivers (high side+low side) into a 3mm * 3mm 8-pins DFN package. Compared with discrete component solutions, the SS6208 integrated solution greatly reduces parasitic effects and board space issues in discrete solutions.

The driver and MOSFET have been optimized for half bridge applications. The driving voltage of high or low side MOSFET gates can operate within a wide voltage range and achieve optimal efficiency. The internal adaptive dead zone circuit further reduces switching losses by preventing two MOSFETs from conducting simultaneously.

When the VCC is below the specified threshold voltage, the UVLO circuit operates to effectively prevent chip misoperation. The EN pin in the design can enable the chip to enter a low quiescent current state and achieve longer battery life.

Application: Electronic cigarette wireless half bridge application

Chip characteristics

Maximum rated continuous current 4A, peak 8A

Bootstrap high-end drive

Integrated high/low side MOSFETs

High frequency operation (up to 1MHz)

PWM input compatible with 3.3V and 5V

Internal bootstrap diode

Under voltage locking

Thermal protection shutdown

Adaptive anti crosstalk protection