Chip Introduction

SS6285M is a DC bidirectional motor drive circuit suitable for motor drives such as toys, automatic valve motor drives, and electromagnetic door lock drives. It has two logic input terminals for controlling the forward, backward, and braking of the motor. This circuit has good anti-interference performance, small standby current, low output internal resistance, and also has a built-in diode that can release the reverse impulse current of the inductive load.

The packaging form of SS6285M is SOP8, which complies with ROHS specifications, and the pin frame is 100% lead-free.

Application: Electronic lock toy wireless charging robot.

Chip characteristics

Drive a brushless DC motor

Small standby current, less than 1uA

Low RDS (ON) resistance

Maximum output continuous current 6.0A

Working voltage range: 3.0V-33V

With emergency stop function

Equipped with overheating protection function

Equipped with overcurrent and short-circuit protection functions

Packaging: SOP8